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Are you comfortable?

Jun. 24th 2009

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

The words of Coach Rick popped into my thoughts as I walked into my first Zumba class. (Zumba is a latin dance based cardio class.) Never having been blessed with coordination and rhythm, I was pretty sure that I would make a complete and utter fool of myself. By the time we took our places in front of the floor to ceiling mirror, I was filled with dread.

A funny thing happened. With my full concentration on the instructor, I forgot about my self-consciousness and actually began to have fun. In the end, it was a great cardio workout.

By allowing ourselves to experience discomfort, we allow for the opportunities of new experiences and growth.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Deb’s Running Adventure

May. 27th 2009

Welcome Summer! Barbeques, parades and family gatherings – Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial start of summer. Sitting on the porch, gazing over the lake at the distant mountains, I took some time for reflection and self assessment. Is your health, vitality and energy where you want it to be? Summer is the perfect time to implement small changes that can make a big difference. What changes are you willing to commit to?

My morning reflection led me to recommit to a running program. I realized that the past couple of years I’ve been telling the story of why I can’t run, rather than telling the story of how great running makes me feel. I’m starting slowly to avoid injury and will be running a 10k (6.2 mile) race in October. Of course, that gets this former “back of the pack” marathoner thinking a spring half-marathon would be fun. For the moment, I’m happy with my three mile run/walk routine. I’ll be posting random observations, training tips and resources and updates here. Check back often and consider joining me!

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