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Gonna get my healthy on

Oct. 3rd 2009

Gotta get my flu shot. Friends, family, people in line at the store and the media, all seem to be focused on not getting sick. Hmmm. If thoughts become things, focusing on sickness – regardless of whether we desire sickness or not – will most certainly bring that dreaded sickness right into our lives.

I’m taking a different path and choosing to focus on feeling nourished, strong and vibrant. There will be no stock piles of cold medicines, cough syrups and such at my house over the winter. I’m gonna get my healthy on!

Even better, I’m going to help you get your healthy on! During October, I will be sharing my favorite ways to boost your immunity, so that you can sail through the winter feeling great. You’ll receive practical tips, delicious recipes and best practices in your in-box through out the month.

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Just sign up for my newsletter today and get your healthy on.

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