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How to win the rat race

Jan. 17th 2011

I’ve done a lot of personal traveling over the past few weeks – driving to South Carolina for the holidays with family and back to Massachusetts for a just a few days. And then it was off to Disney for the Disney Half-Marathon. Here’s a photo of my husband Steve and daughter Leslie after they rocked 13.1 miles.

Between the travel and the 3am wake-up call on race day, would it surprise you that we all had tons of energy to walk around Epcot for the remainder of the day?

One of the comments I hear from new clients again and again is “how can I eat healthier with my totally insane schedule?”

My clients are intelligent, professional, go-getters who have big plans for themselves, their careers and their families. They know that without the energy to be their best, those big plans are nothing more than pipe dreams.

What do you need to do to have fabulous energy from morning till night? I’ll be honest, it takes a little preparation and effort, but it is so worth it! Once you get in the groove, it becomes second nature.

Here are a few of my top secrets to having lasting energy all day:

  • Start the day with breakfast.  Fresh fruit and homemade smoothies are a gentle way to “break the fast” and perfect for those of you who have little appetite in the morning. Not a fan of  typical breakfast fare?  Feel free to eschew the cereal or eggs and enjoy a peanut butter sandwich or leftovers from last night’s healthy dinner.  It’s important to remember that bucket sized cup of coffee and bagel will deplete your energy by mid morning.
  • Bring healthy snacks.  I’ve worked with clients who spend hours in their cars driving from one customer to another throughout the day.  Stocking the car with “emergency food”  is key to avoiding spur of the moment drive thru’s at fast food joints and convenience stores.  Bananas, apples, grapes, and oranges all travel well.  Throw in some almonds and you’ve got sustenance to tide you over and keep the horrible hungries at bay.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Our cells need hydration and we can’t do our jobs if they can’t do theirs!
  • Pack a healthy lunch to take to work with you.  No fridge?  Use cold packs.  Salads, sandwiches, leftovers and soups all travel well.  If you’re not a morning person, assemble your lunch as you clean up from dinner.
  • Learn where you can get a reasonably priced healthy lunch for those days when you “forget” your lunch.
  • Feeling the 3pm slump?  Take ten minutes and go outside for fresh air and sunshine.  Just a short break will rejuvenate you, clear the cobwebs and boost your mood so you can tackle the rest of the afternoon and evening.
  • Move that booty.  Our bodies were designed for movement, not sitting at a desk for hours at end.  Aim for at least thirty minutes daily and walk, run, or hop on a pogo stick.  Find movement that you enjoy and be consistent.
  • Honor and respect the fabulous person that is you!

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About the Author and Deborah Buell is known as The Fabulous Future Coach.  As a Certified Health Coach, avid runner, yoga enthusiast and former professional massage therapist with a passion for living fabulously well beyond your forties and fifties, she specializes in helping women of style and substance transform their health and ensure a bright future through food, fitness and fun.  To learn more about Deborah please visit

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