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Expectations and H#ll

Feb. 2nd 2012

Reflecting upon 2011, I have to confess that I didn’t always “walk my talk” especially where fitness is concerned.  There was a big disconnect between what I thought I “should” be doing and what I was actually able to do. Not that I was a total coach potato, but the intensity and frequency were not at a level that felt good.  Those old running injuries kept resurfacing and sending me back to square one over and over again.  My personal version of Groundhog’s Day hell.

I embraced 2012 with the intention of healing.  Running, strength training and boot camps were all put on the back burner as I sought to heal the chronic tightness in my hip by joining the yoga challenge at my local yoga studio.  Five days of yoga weekly for eight weeks.  I envisioned blog posts about the physical and mental transformation.  Then the hip acted up.  Next the low back. Yesterday the Doc said no yoga.  No stretching at all for the next two weeks.  Square one. Groundhog’s day. Again.  

Sometimes we get so caught up in our expectations, we lose sight of the realization that adjustments are part of the journey.

Nourishing Affirmation:  Doing what heals my body long term feels fabulous.  

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