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Free to be me

Jul. 6th 2012

I am the girl that wants to adopt every pup that lives in a shelter.  I love warm sand, sea breezes and stormy oceans.  Summer is my favorite season.  Farmers’ markets are my favorite place to shop. Shoe stores are a close second.  I advocate fresh, unprocessed food – mostly plants.  It is good to enjoy the occasional dessert – especially homemade peach-blueberry pie!  I believe food can heal your body and soul.  Procrastination is my nemesis. Music can make me smile and cry – sometimes simultaneously.  I consider fresh flowers a necessity.  My girls make my heart swell with so much love and pride, I think it may burst.  I am blessed to have wonderful friends in my life.  I believe in God.   The Dali Lama is the person I most admire and attempt to emulate.  I fail at this everyday.  I strive to treat everyone with kindness and generosity. I believe in working for the greater good.  And, if I only had a dollar to my name, I would give it to a friend who needed it more with joy in my heart.

I will not apologize for who am I.

When criticized for my beliefs – criticized for the essence of who I am – I breathe deeply.  Very deeply.  Time has taught me that trying to change your opinion of me is futile.  Engagement leads to frustration.  Frustration leads to cookies.  Lots of cookies. So I breathe.  Very deeply.  And I am filled with peace.

I am free to be me.  As you are free to be you.  Isn’t that what liberty is all about?





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