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07/12/09 8:47 AM

No doubt you are familiar with the classic holiday story – A Christmas Carol.  Imagine being visited by three ghosts.

The Ghost of Wellness Past helps you remember the delight you experienced as a child while eating a perfectly ripe juicy peach; the comfort found in Mom’s cooking and the greasy burger and soda that followed those crazy nights in your twenties.

The Ghost of Wellness Present reminds you of where you are today.

What will the Ghost of Wellness Future show you?  Is it a future filled with prescription medications, doctor visits, feeling winded when climbing a flight of stairs, dismay when you catch your reflection in a mirror?  Or is it a future filled with the confidence that comes from knowing you can be, do and achieve all that you desire?

Honestly, as I peeked into my future, I had to admit that I’m not where I’d like to be.  Seems I’ve a taken a bit of a detour.  After giving myself a quick kick in the “you know what”, I fully embraced up-leveling my daily wellness practices.

If your glimpse into the future isn’t exactly what you’d like to see, don’t despair.  I’ve created my Claim Your Future, Claim Wellness program to provide you with the knowledge, tools and support you’ll need to make the future of your dreams a reality.

Whether you are ready for a major lifestyle overhaul or you just want to lose a few pounds, this program is right for you.  I’ll meet you wherever you are on the spectrum.  It’s all about taking things to the next level.

Food matters.  Our food choices have huge impact on our health.  Continue to eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) and you’ll continue to get what you’ve always had!  In my highly focused program, you’ll discover healthy, wholesome, easy to prepare food that are delicious too.

You gotta move it baby!  That beautiful creation that is your body was designed to run, jump, stretch, dance and leap!  I’ll help you find movement that inspires you and I’ll hold you accountable for doing it.

Together, we’ll explore the patterns that typically derail your efforts, what lies beneath them and how to breakthrough the cycle of sabotage.

Inspiration, motivation and breakthroughs that will lead to a strong body, strong mind.

Are you in?

Claim Your Future, Claim Wellness is an 8 week individualized program available via telephone sessions or in my North Reading, MA office.

Commit to a bright future by midnight December 25th and your investment is just $375.

Commit to a bright future by the final deadline of January 11th and your investment is $475.

What is having the future of your dreams worth to you?

Contact me today to reserve your place. or 978.479.2661

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