Indulge – it’s okay!

15/12/09 9:26 AM

At the grocery store I found myself putting a couple of Amy’s brand frozen pizzas into the cart.   Gasp!  And I call myself a health counselor!  In this season of evening trips to the mall, drinks after work with colleagues, parties, parties and more parties, I’m giving myself permission to not strive for perfection.  As you roll through the holiday madness, give yourself a break.  Indulge in a cookie or two – just not the entire platter.  Focus on what is truly important – time spent with people you love.  And know that when January 1st rolls around, you’ll be ready to take your health to the next level with my individualized program Claim Your Future, Claim Wellness.  I’m so excited about the response I’ve had in the past week since announcing it.  Imagine, sailing confidently through the holidays knowing you have a plan and a support system already in place.  Are you in?

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