JumpStart Cleanse Program

17/05/10 10:12 AM

Are you feeling sluggish, fatigued or irritable?

Would you like to feel lighter, energetic, renewed?

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our bodies.

Unlike many detox programs which involve fasting or harsh supplements, this gentle cleanse nourishes you with healthy foods while supporting your body’s natural ability to to detoxify.

In the JumpStart Cleanse Program you will…

  • Gain more understanding of how food impacts your body
  • Determine which cleanse is best for you
  • Receive in depth guidance on what to expect
  • Discover which foods are most supportive
  • Get recipes and menu planning ideas
  • Develop a plan for a healthier life after the cleanse

The JumpStart Cleanse Program is a 5-Day  individualized mini-cleanse program.

We start with a 1-hour consultation call to assess your current wellness status and go over all the delicious details of the program.  You will receive tips, recipes and handouts via email.  On day 3 of the cleanse, we’ll have a quick 15 minute check-in call so you can stay on track.    On day 5, we’ll wrap things up with a 30 minute call where we finalize your “life after JumpStart” plan.

JumpStart Cleanse Program is being offered until June 15, 2010 for $75.

Don’t wait.  Contact deborah@nourishyourfuture.com to begin today!

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