Are You Ready to Shine?

28/09/09 11:44 AM

Does the thought of “getting healthy” bring to mind restrictive rules, tasteless food, and hard work? What if improving your health was as simple as loving yourself? Honoring and appreciating the amazing, radiant and vibrant woman that is you. When we begin to cherish all that we are and all that we do, the path to a nourishing future opens easily before us.

If it is really that simple, why does it seem so difficult? You are so busy juggling demanding careers with the needs of your family that there is little time left for yourself. Taking the time to nourish your body and spirit feels incredibly selfish, especially when it seems as if there is never enough time or energy to get through the daily to-do list. You rush from work to little Johnny’s game, grab dinner on the way home and tackle the never-ending laundry before collapsing in bed.

To help you find your path to a nourishing future, I’m offering Nourishing Gatherings at no cost until the holiday season. In these intimate talks, I’ll share why making yourself a priority is absolutely vital to your future. You’ll learn my top tips for healthy eating and extraordinary self care. As a smart, savvy woman, you deserve to shine.

Gather the girlfriends (minimum of six), pour the wine and relax as I come to your home or office and we explore simple and fun ways to nourish your body and soul.

Contact me today to book your Nourishing Gathering. There are only 10 events available, so please don’t wait. or 978-479-2661

Nourish yourself today and ensure a bright future.

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