Deborah Buell
Nutrition for Life Less Ordinary

Bio & Information Sheet

My life motivation is to help others live an active, healthy life. I work with men and women who aren’t willing to settle for languishing health and low energy. My clients want to see their kids grow up and be around to play with their grandkids. I make this possible by teaching them to align their life goals with their daily food choices.

A thorough comprehension of research-based nutritional theory is a crucial part of my healing approach. I earned my certification in health counseling from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an organization accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the prestigious Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in New York City. This training, combined with several years of high-level management in the hospitality industry, has helped me cultivate my gift for understanding the real-world application of nutrition.

My educational and professional pursuits combine to provide me with a sturdy foundation of health principles. I hold a license in massage therapy, an art that has led me to better understand anatomy and the inner workings of the body. I also feel it was crucial in connecting my knowledge of the physical body to an appreciation of the mind, thus my continuing training with author and visionary nutritionist, Marc David, through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

I have seen firsthand the role wise nutrition can play in healing a life. My own family was faced with crisis when my daughter fell ill with a chronic illness. Conventional medical treatments could not help and our doctors were powerless. It was only when she implemented key nutritional and lifestyle changes that her health began to improve. I’m happy to note that her illness rarely affects her daily activities today.

As my family’s health got back on track, I decided to do something for myself and undertake a major challenge—running a marathon before my 40th birthday. I have since run five marathons for Team in Training! While I’m not the fastest in the pack, running marathons has taught me the best way to achieve health goals—one step at a time.

I’ll show you how to connect healthy living to the things that mean the most to YOU. Not only do my clients learn how to keep weight off for the long term, they also regain the energy needed to fully participate in life, work, and family activities. Their focus and inner confidence increases. Their family relationships strengthen, particularly when it comes to their children.

True wellness centers on wise choices, not deprivation. I don’t believe in making demands or suspending pleasure. Instead, together we’ll create a custom-designed action plan that easily adapts to your unique lifestyle. We’ll move forward together with an achievable strategy that will ultimately improve your quality of life. From attracting more success at work to rebuilding your immune system and warding off chronic ailments, it’s all possible. Better yet, your improved health will have a positive, ripple effect on your entire family.

Live a life less ordinary and ensure a bright future. Learn more about my services here.